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IFMA’s Go-to-Market Planning Program is a cost-effective benefit exclusive to IFMA members and aims to provide strategic insights and best practices for sales leaders. Members choose topics that will arm them with the tools to best go to market.

The program helps foodservice leaders engage in scenario planning and develop go-to-market strategies that address the key challenges sales teams face today. It works to create best-in-class approaches for manufacturer companies to efficiently and effectively get their products to customers and consumers—working with leading sales consultants Kinetic12 to find solutions that work.


Hear from Trona Balkissoon, Chief Financial Officer, Nestlé Professional on the IFMA GTM Program


The Future of Distribution

In 2022, the Go-to-Market Planning Program committee focused their work on the future of distribution. Using proprietary, program-sponsored research, they identified several potential “game changers” that could upend the distribution industry in the next several years. Forewarned is forearmed after all. 

Here is a snapshot of the findings >>


This year, we will dive more deeply into the impact major disruption might have on foodservice manufacturers, exploring if/then scenarios and the pros and cons of each possibility. This will lead to creating recommended actions that manufacturers can take to succeed in a changing distribution landscape. 


Join IFMA’s Go-to-Market Planning Program and your company will:

  • Take part in regular virtual share group meetings with other manufacturers, with an in-person meeting scheduled in Q3
  • Converse with operators that are dealing with the evolution of foodservice distribution
  • Hear directly from guest speakers in the distribution industry 
  • Receive tools and the framework for a customized action plan that will help your organization successfully evolve alongside the evolving distribution landscape 

 Having a strategically inspired Go-To-Market plan will empower your whole team. 

By becoming a member of the Go-To-Market Planning Program, you’ll join an exclusive group of thought-leading companies that will help you navigate the go-to-market complexities of the foodservice industry, and help you grow your business. 

If you are interested in becoming a member of IFMA's Go-To-Market Planning Program, please contact Charlie McConnell or fill out the form below: