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Join a community of foodservice leaders representing companies up and down the supply chain.

  • 100% member driven through committee participation
  • Shape industry initiatives and insights
  • Benefit from fellow industry leaders

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IFMA is a member driven trade association—from the board of directors to individual company members. This allows the membership to:

  • Set the course and focus on priorities for IFMA
  • Provide direct control and participation in the creation and ongoing management of all IFMA activities, initiatives and conference agendas
  • Build a strong relationship with operators, distributors, other manufacturers, and associate members who provide products and services to IFMA and the industry.

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Access valuable industry information, efficiently and affordably.

  • Turn actionable insights into profitable strategies
  • Drive your business forward with market-ready ideas
  • Stay ahead of the game with fresh, powerful perspectives

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The foodservice industry’s first comprehensive and interactive framework that provides an innovative look into the disruptive forces impacting the total food landscape.

  • Operator Landscape ($50,000) - Design your segment-specific plans with all the data you need, including DMA-level profiles.
  • Go-To-Market Model ($50,000) - Prioritize your go-to-market activities by foodservice segment with this research based model.
  • Consumer Food Journey ($75,000) - Access in-depth data on the Triggers, Occasions, and Needs that influence consumers’ eating and drinking decisions at and away from home.

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IFMA’s Operator Councils provide a forum for leaders within these foodservice communities to learn, share and create new insights and best practices. Each council has prioritized initiatives – some of which are unique to their segment, while others are shared across segments – and are developing actionable content that allows IFMA members to build their plans and establish relationships.

  • K-12 Operator Council Insights/Participation - $25,000
  • College & University Operator Council Insights/Participation - $25,000
  • Business & Industry Operator Council Insights/Participation - $25,000
  • Healthcare Operator Council Insights/Participation - $25,000
  • Small & Midsized Chain Operator Council Insights/Participation - $25,000

Twice each year, IFMA provides foodservice industry and segment growth projections on its IFMA Scope™ platform. The forecast models are validated by IFMA’s Operator Councils, comprising of senior executives across all segments of the industry, who provide key assumptions and ensure accuracy.

Providing cutting-edge insights on critical industry issues, this member-only series features a combination of monthly webinars and in-person events that focus on issues impacting the foodservice manufacturer.

Gain access to proven solutions that improve your bottom line.

  • Implement processes based on industry standards
  • Enable profitable solutions
  • Access proven strategies for partner collaboration

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Research studies, articles, webinars, and white papers on topics including Supply Chain Optimization, Joint Business Planning, Eating Habits of Gen Z, How Operators Buy, and much more. Developed by key leaders in the industry, these resources keep you up-to-date on the latest findings and provide recommendations to make sure your business remains competitive and prepared for the future.

Organized by foodservice segment, the toolkit provides you with go-to-market best practices and preferences for specific types of foodservice operator channels. The information for each segment is divided into three areas of resources and insights:

  1. Operator Needs
  2. Organization Maturity Model
  3. Technology Provider Landscape

Learn more about the Virtual Operator Engagement Toolkit >>>

The Foundation initiates and funds programs to provide scholarships that support the next generation of foodservice leaders, and contributes to the ongoing growth of the foodservice industry.

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Featuring a collection of resources addressing GS-1 Standards issues, these best practice resources help with the adoption and implementation of GS-1 Standards within the foodservice supply chain to give your business a competitive edge.

IFMA creates opportunities to engage one-on-one at meetings with top decision makers.

  • Create powerful partnerships with peers, distributors, and operators
  • Gain insights from and share ideas with industry leaders
  • Connect with 80% of foodservice volume

Annual Activities
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IFMA recognizes outstanding operators, manufacturers, distributors and associate partners through several award programs, enabling nominators to show how much they care about their customers and colleagues. Award nominations include:

  • Gold & Silver Plate
  • Distributor Awards (Presidents Conference)

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